• Built for Monetization
    Comprehensive monetization features supporting all business models along with innovation led monetization for VOD and live
  • Launch Within Days
    Faster time to market with configurable cross-platform apps and marketplace led pre-integrations enabling launch in a few days
  • Cross-Platform Apps for All Devices
    Have a presence on all devices you want with cross-platform apps across mobile, web and connected TV devices
  • Your Platform Your IP
    Own the entire sourcecode and own your roadmap to shape the destiny of your business your way.Optimized for Results
  • Modelled for Business Outcomes
    Flexible pricing models and partner marketplace to enable a bespoke solution that solves for custom business needs
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Building Profitable OTT Businesses with Monetisation-as-a-Service (MaaS)
In the crowded and fiercely competitive OTT market, it has become necessary for OTT companies to find new ways to generate more revenues and maximize ROI of their investments in content, technology and marketing. In this whitepaper, we discuss Monetisation-as-a-Service (MaaS) as an approach for OTT companies to differentiate and innovate as compared to competition.
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